Developing teeth

Permanent teeth

Orthodontic treatment

  • Conceived and bioengineered for safely practising all kinds of sports and activities.
  • Custom-made health product manufactured in a dental technician’s laboratory by medical prescriptions.
  • Our prescribers take measurements that we digitise and process with sophisticated CAD/CAM technology, thus achieving mouthguards that are precisely custom-fitted to the user.
  • Each model is identified and numbered, meaning that we have full traceability for the product.
  • We only use medical materials with sophisticated technology. This allows us to work with small volumes and minimal thickness, while maintaining maximum performance.

Advised by our technical partners, comprised of dentists, maxillofacial specialist dentists, dental technicians, sports medicine professionals, physical therapists, mechanical engineers, computer engineers and chemical engineers, we evolve oral and dental protection daily. A fund of experience and many viewpoints give us the opportunity to obtain the best solution, always proven through our own testing resources.

All the thermoplastic material is accepted and complies with the currently applicable regulations regarding bio-compatibility and health. These materials are water insoluble and inactive.


Maximum quality products custom manufactured with CAD/CAM technology.


High impact shock absorption. Minimises effects of trauma at the dental, alveolar, and articular level.


Our designs are verified and inspected in test laboratories.


Special formats depending on activity and demands. Adaptable to user particularities.


Perfect biomechanical adaptation. Optimal breathing, communications and hydration.


Scientific studies show that the use of a custom-made mouthguard contributes to improved performance.

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