The mouthguard for athletes in orthodontic treatment

  • Specially designed for users in orthodontic treatment who want to continue playing their sport while staying protected and guaranteeing the therapeutic results and future of their teeth.
  • COVER PROTEC prosthetics foresee tooth movement due to treatment and guarantee the mouthguard will adapt to such shifts.
  • The elasticity of the model, which is internally reinforced, allows for comfortable positioning in the mouth and easy removal.
  • Prevents tearing of the inner lips or cheeks and minimises effects on the teeth, gums, alveolar bone and lips following an impact with an orthodontic appliance.


  • Thickness of 5 mm
  • It deforms, in a pressure zone, 1.30 mm to 120 kgf
  • Capable of absorbing 33% of energy generated by the fall of a 10.5 kg weight with a trajectory of 785 mm at an impact speed of 8.6 km/h


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