Orthodontics and occlusal splints


We design, manufacture and repair orthodontics and occlusal splints in coordination with the prescribing technicians. We combine CAD/CAM cutting-edge technology with traditional experience. We are known for our professionalism, constant innovation, the impeccable design of our healthcare products and the quality of our materials.

  • Invisible orthodontics
  • Removable retention splint
  • Removable retention splint with set-up to correct slight relapses
  • Transparent, pink, bottle green or navy blue semi-rigid retention splint to complement the fixed retention
  • Removable retention splint to complement the fixed retention highly resistant to breakage
  • Damon retention splint
  • Upper or lower rígid occlusal discharge deprogramming splint with or without canine and anterior guide
  • Upper or lower semi-rígid occlusal discharge deprogramming splint with or without canine and anterior guide
  • Whitening splint
  • Periodontal splint
  • Removable cosmetic splint for aesthetically disadvantaged dental arches
  • Fitting coverings to prevent rubbing
  • Articulation plates
  • Individual tray for self-curing resin
  • Surgical splint
  • Radiological splint
  • Anti-snoring splint
  • Brackets positioning splint
  • Coronary lengthening splint
  • Occlusal discharge deprogramming splint with orthodontic complement
  • Provisional retention splint with acrylic tooth
  • Among others


3D printing 

Intraoral scanner 

Lab scanner